The Afternoon Has Eyes

Short film

Julián and Alejandro find an abandoned briefcase. A briefcase full of money? Full of problems? An empty briefcase? A briefcase? Rather than a briefcase, Julián and Alejandro find a chance to change their lives, or maybe not. As long as they don’t open it, the possibilities are endless, but what if they open it? A film about doubt, hesitation, and procrastination. A cops-and-robbers film without the cops and robbers. A film about the impossibility of changing, of escaping our comfort zone regardless of how painful it may be.

Project details

Release: 2013
Festivals: 2007 Festival de Biarritz, Francia, 2008 10th Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Tokio, 2009 Festival de cinema des 3 Ameriques, Quebec Canada