Awakening Dust

Feature film

This is the story of a man who has suffered the misfortunes of living a life transgressed by crime and corruption, the Iztapalapa neighborhood is the place where he wanders the streets, invisible, ignored and lonely, plunged into his misery. An unfortunate event moves the protective instinct of Chano who tries to return to the world of crime to get his godson out of prison. However, the result of his actions sinks him more and more. Are there possibilities of a change of look despite the most terrible tragedy? How does the interpretation of reality modify the way it manifests itself among us?.

Project details

Release: 2015
Production Company: Catatonia
Awards: Premio KUKULKAN, Riviera Maya Film Festival, Premio Innovación Artística PCI Proyecto Cine Independiente, Festival de las Tres Fronteras, Argentina.